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Today morning, I was heading to my college by the college bus to lead my just another”just another day” .As I always used to do, I turned completely oblivious inside the bus and let my eyes and thoughts outside the window, to bond with the world.
I was often complained of being reticent while traveling. I don’t like using my mouth when I’m on a voyage. When we have an amazing sight outside, why should we ignore it? We may talk any time later but we may not see such sights later……
I was thinking of a name for such habit. Due to my bad vocabulary, I zeroed on “wayside watching”. What is there outside?? You think it’s just trees, houses, garbage and walking people??? Then you have missed a lot, guys…. Let me tell you what I saw today morning, outside the window railing.
1. A Couple outside a Temple: Let me remind you that I’m not a peeping tom. My memory processing unit doesn’t have the version of instantly remembering human faces. So I just ignore the passing humans. But I couldn’t do to this couple. They were just coming out of a temple. I don’t know who they are – They might be friends, lovers, or even married, but definitely not sibling. Because the boy was a south Indian and the girl was Nepali [I think so, I am not sure]. They were holding hands and tried to cross the road. They were really happy, that’s what their eyes conveyed (though I cannot see that Nepali’s eyes…). I wish they should sustain what was in their eyes….
2. Red Turbaned Sardarji: I can call him a mega serial on my Window TV. Every morning, I see this guy, with usual trademarks, around 8.35-8.40. He is in his late 50’s, always sports a red turban, an ordinary shirt with two buttons unbuttoned [err…weak grammar: D], and rides a brand old Hercules cycle. Sometimes he will be seen talking to some localites, which shows he can speak Tamil. I sometimes wonder what he was doing for his living, where he was hurrying, and so on. Today also we did the same routine – he cycling and me watching and thinking” why doesn’t he take a leave? Doesn’t he get any flu?”…..But nowadays I got bored of this recurring guy. Maybe a change in Turban color might work….[no offense]
3. SuperBoy [BGM:Fanfare] – Today I saw two kids, on their way to the school. They must be siblings. The elder of them is running forward, and crossed a small pit. He then called the younger one. The kid saw the pit with fearful wide eyes, went backwards, ran with full speed and jumped the pit. He was on at most joy, after he landed successfully. There was a mixture of joy and blush in his face, as he was running heads down. He reminded me of my younger days….
4. Posters and Banners: They are an important mode of communication in India. It conveys a lot about what’s happening around us – weddings, birthdays, deaths, movie releases, MP’s visit etc. Most of them are absolutely hilarious, especially the banners of politicians. The followers and admirers of the political personals show their ultimate love through the banners, giving us a great laughter show. The morphing effect they give for their leader will put the Hollywood in shame. But the problem is the cliche phrases they use [e.g.]”I’ve no age to wish him, so I praise him!”……. it’s really boring to repeatedly see such phrases. Today happened to be Bday of a MLA….need I say anymore???
5. Deforestation: Today I saw same people cutting down a palm tree. I don’t know how many penguins died at Antarctica due to this. Now a days I witness lots of trees which I used to see often, was missing. There was a tree near a cactus. That tree has no leaves. Together with the cactus and a crow, it will give a “horror-film-set-prop” feel. I thought the cement thing near it was a tomb, but later came to know that it was just a water pump. Even that tree was cut down. I and EEE Balaji used to call it a ‘Haunted cacti'. Now I really miss that tree….

There are lots more to tell you,-the houses painted in insanely stupid color [ one day I gonna enter one of the houses and bang the owner for his color sense] , a gaming centre with spidey portrait, crying kids entering school, girls, sky.... You asked me what’s outside?? There are moments….moments of life, which we may miss within seconds….Way side watching is something adventurous like treasure hunting….Here we hunt the moments. I have a companion too, my Apple iPod shuffle [As I’m doing final year now, I’ve decided to bend some rules]. It gives me a new experience while wayside watching……it’s like watching a movie outside a window with BGM…..Sometimes it plays the song relevant to the situation outside…..
Friends, you might be a ‘dhoom machale’ biker or an F1 racer…but for some time, just let others to drive and enjoy the surrounding guys..Enjoy wayside watching and have fun!!

1. If you feel offended by this post, please pardon me.
2. Wayside watching doesn’t mean being peeping Tom… Have some boundaries and maintain it……
Pics courtesy: GOOGLE IMAGES

To Be Continued………


Deepak said...

enna solrathunnu asusual am gonna resort to my usual style of wishing......GREAT POST DUDE :) .....really!

pRiYaN...! said...

i would give 'A' for your effort
'A+'for your narration
'O' for your entire post !


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