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Welcome to the complex mind of a greatest average Joe.....

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Shake it folks!!!!

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Yesterday was just another day for me……..classes, lectures, roaming, chatting, lab…..I’ve lost the count of how many days I’ve been like this…..
During one of the chatting session, one of the guys said about the possible cell phone raid [OK, don’t laugh!!]. As all of us know that will be an eyewash raid, we didn’t give it a care. Sooraj made fun of Madan that his brand new Sony Ericsson mobile worth 13000 rs/- will get caught. Then only I saw his new phone, and was said that it has Shake control. I’ve heard of it before, but never knew the mechanism behind it…. So I decided to browse about it.
Well, it all started by Apple Inc, when it introduced iPhone. You might have noticed that when you change iPhone position from portrait to landscape, or vice versa, the picture will change automatically.

Shake control is evolved from this. It all lies on a small instrument called ACCELEROMETER present in the instrument.
An accelerometer detects magnitude and direction of the acceleration as a vector quantity, and can be used to sense orientation, vibration and shock.
The accelerometer inside iPod touch uses three elements: silicon mass, a set of silicon springs, and an electrical current. The silicon springs measure the position of the silicon mass using the electrical current. Rotating iPod touch causes a fluctuation in the electrical current passing through the silicon springs. The accelerometer registers these fluctuations and tells iPod touch to adjust the display accordingly.
The shake control also uses similar kind of accelerometer to sense the shake and control the mobile functions.
The latest improvement in this Shake technology is Shake TV remote.
The remote control in the picture doesn’t need any batteries to make it work. The Shake Control is a concept TV remote that works simply by shaking it. Just move it in different directions to change the channels or the volume. The remote has a visible arrow-shaped magnet and coils of wire inside. All those components will generate 20-30mA current when the device is shaken. Then the gravity sensor measures the direction of the shake and delivers the corresponding result.

It is a good news for environmentalists, but a bad news for lazy channel surfers like me…..c’mon guys, every time we have to shake our hand to change a channel…this is unfair…..

To Be Continued………

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Buffering.........Tramp's song !

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Friends, Roman, and countrymen, here I proudly present you the most exciting, spell bounding, spectacular moment in the History of World Cinema.
Before that let us begin with a story……
Consider a person, a lonely guy who is aimless, penniless, but has a heart full of joy.
He never hides what he thinks, but never speaks of it. He looks weird and hilarious. The moment you see him, you either shrink your eye brows in disgust, or cry out of laughter. You keep pointing you fingers at him….laughing at him, but he didn’t get mad at you. Instead he happily does the same thing which made you laugh.
Slowly, your heart feels for him. You feel as if you are spending time with your childhood friend. You want him to speak something to you. After a long hesitation, he agrees to sing a song. Just imagine guys, what happens if he opens his mouth and sings GIBBERISH?!?!?!
Once again, you will laugh at him madly….He always makes you do that.
He is none other than Mr. Charles Spencer Chaplin.

This video is from the film “MODERN TIMES”. – The pseudo talkie. This is indeed a special song because for the first time on screen the people heard the tramp’s voice…...and also his dance is really cool….have a look at it and enjoy folks……. Also watch the movie guys….it is a really wonderful movie.
P.S: One of the dance steps resembles the Hrithik’s dance in the coke add…..Chaplin is the soft target for plagiarizers and inspirers!!!!

To Be Continued………

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'Something' to be my First Post

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I’ve finally started my blog!!![Thank you Priyan]
What’s next after starting a blog???
Obviously, we must post something, but what is that ‘something’?
I keep banging my head whole day on what should be my first post. Should it be something about me? Or something useful for others, like some software updates, quotes, general info etc.? Nahhh... I’ll be the zillionth blogger to provide these!!
What about me?? Why can't I write about my life, friends, achievements, likes & dislikes???Hmm..... that won't work. People will consider me as an egotist blogger who keep bragging about himself!!!
Oh god.....I’ve been thinking whole day and I couldn’t get even one simple pleasing topic to post?? The answer is YES!!!
Yes my dear mind is empty as cyber! Everything I earned in this world so far, doesn't belong to me....the knowledge, education, friends, mobile, iPod, bad reputation....I got it all from others...
The Homo sapiens are the biggest parasites in the universe....they all are dependent on 'something'. Some of them are symbiotes...They not only dependent on 'something' but suck everything from it and leave nothing!!!!
The only thing belongs to you is "THE ULTIMATE CHOICE"- to be a parasite or to be a symbiote...Choose the right one and live with that 'something', my friends!!!
OK... You may ask me what is that 'something'??? I ask you "what it is for us anyway???'As Tom hanks says in the movie "Forrest Gump", life is like a box full of chocolates, you don't know what you will get. Don't break the ice friend.....let it be 'something'. Let us LIVE our life....
"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one."
— John Lennon

Yes, I am a dreamer, I am a fighter, and I am your friend.....
Welcome to My blog….
To Be Continued………